Workshop grants

The board of EWM The Netherlands awards grants to support the organization of mathematics workshops. Via this program, organizers of workshops can apply for funding to cover travel and accommodation expenses of the invited women speakers. The annual available budget of the grant program is 2.000 EUR. The applications are considered on a continuous basis upon the order received and are subject to the availability of funds. 


  • Members at any stage of their career may apply. 
  • The workshop must take place in the Netherlands. In case the workshop is held outside the Netherlands, the funding can only be used to cover the travel and accommodation costs for women mathematicians affiliated with a Dutch university or a Dutch research institute. 
  • The workshop organizers should acknowledge the EWM-NL funding in their communication (placing the EWM-NL logo on the website, poster, program, etc). 
  • After the workshop has taken place, the organizers of the workshop should provide a testimonial, which may be used for the EWM-NL website and other publicity purposes. 


Please email your applications to EWM The Netherlands at grants@ewmnetherlands.nl at least one month prior to the event for which you require funding, but preferably earlier.

The following documents must be attached:

  1. Application letter (max. 1 page). The letter should give a description of the workshop and details on the invited speakers for whom the funding is requested (name, affiliation, and career stage). 
  2. CV. The CV of the applicant should contain a short overview of education and career, including current position and affiliation.
  3. Budget. The budget should give a short overview of the expected costs with justification of the proposed budget. 

You will be notified by email that the application has arrived in good order and when it will be discussed by the board.

After funding

  • Please make sure to save all relevant receipts and submit them together after the event has taken place.
  • We require a short paragraph about the event, which may be used for publicity purposes.
  • We appreciate if you provide us an image of the grantees relevant to the event, which is free of rights, that we may put on the website along with the paragraph.