Wikipedia “Women in Mathematics” project

At the start of 2021, EWM-NL initiated a project to add, extend, and translate pages of (mostly) women mathematicians. The project was proposed by Valentijn Karemaker and was run for two years as an EWM-NL initiative by Anne-Men Huijzer (2021) and Maria Vlasiou (2022) with the contribution of several volunteers and Wikipedia editors. From 2023 on, the project continues independently and is managed by Hester Breman. An overview of the contributions under this initiative can also be found here.

Project management: Anne-Men Huijzer (2021), Maria Vlasiou (2022), Hester Breman (2023)

Volunteers: Jenneke Krüger, Hester Breman, Geertje Hek, Ellywa, Alice ter Meulen, Anne-Men Huijzer , Dzemila Sero, Maria Vlasiou, Oxana Manita

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Join this project if you wish to enrich the Wikipedia biographies of (women) mathematicians. Interact and be inspired by the other volunteers. You can contribute as little as half an hour of your time (or become a life-long prolific Wikipedia editor!) We meet online once per month for updates, technical support, and inspiration.

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