Mentor Network Reviews

Below you will find some quotes from our mentor couples.

Femke & Roeland

“I joined the mentor network in order to have someone who could think with me and ask the right question about my career choices. Roeland does this really well. I always feel better after our conversations. He shows me that there are more paths to take than I initially thought.”

Thea & Wioletta

“I am really very satisfied with the mentor network that EWM-NL provides.  My mentor Wioleta and I share lunch every month, and talk about the work-life balance, possibilities to have a family combined with a job, and general issues considering my PhD. Wioleta is very friendly, motivating, and super enthusiastic, and I always feel encouraged after having seen her. I really recommend this initiative to all PhDs!”

“For me it was the first time to act as a more systematic and not only sporadic mentor for a young researcher. It was a great experience and my mentee is a wonderful and inspiring person.
When I was a student I was very much impressed by my female professor in probability who actually is responsible for the fact that I am still doing probability theory. She was a role model for somebody who is combing family life and academic work. Her support helped me to decide to stay in academia. I joined the program, in order to try to do the same for young researchers. Namely to provide necessary support, talk about my own experience or just listen.
My mentee was very open and had interesting points of view, I learned a lot from her as well. I enjoyed to learn what young researchers struggle with today compared to researchers and students in my days. It gave me great pleasure to see my mentee motivated and energetic after our lunches and to see her grow and going her own path.”

Theresia & Vivi

“My mentor Vivi and I meet every half year and email whenever necessary. We discuss the next steps to take in my academic career and where I should focus on in my professional development. It is especially nice to get some feedback from someone outside my own network.”

Lisanne & Femke

“Whenever I need advice I can email Femke and have a skype session (Femke lives in Oman). We skype about 3 or 4 times a year and met in person one time. Our conversations always gave me new insight and reassurance. We mostly chatted about combining family and a career in science. I became a mom during my PhD and she shared her experiences with me.”

For more information about the EWM-NL mentor network, please email to mentor@ewmnetherlands.nl.