EWM-NL on Tour – TU Delft

EWM-NL on Tour – TU Delft

EWM The Netherlands is visiting all Dutch universities and institutions with a department / group on mathematics. We have kicked off the EWM-NL Tour with a visit at TU Delft. We had an engaging meeting with about 30 participants who contributed many ideas on how to promote the careers of female mathematicians in the country. The Dean and the Chair of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science supported the meeting.

Among the goals of EWM-NL are to support female mathematicians in their careers, to forge connections between female mathematicians in The Netherlands, and to provide a meeting place for like-minded people. To achieve these goals, EWM-NL goes on Tour. During the Tour, we wish to make the mission and goals of EWM-NL known to the wider mathematics community, present our work so far and gather information about the priorities and issues of the mathematics community right now.

The suggestions of the community will be summarised at the end of the Tour and be disseminated through EWM-NL’s website and the Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde. They will also form the basis for policy recommendations.

TU Delft meeting

On October 27, 2017, EWM The Netherlands visited TU Delft. The meeting was opened by Prof. Dr. John Schmitz, the Dean of the faculty, with a presentation of the staff, students, and programmes of EEMCS. Dr. Maria Vlasiou, the president of EWM The Netherlands, gave a short description of the mission of EWM-NL and the activities that took place in 2017 and that are planned for 2018. Dr. Wioletta Ruszel then moderated an open discussion on what priorities should be set in national policy in order to achieve a better gender balance in the Dutch mathematics academic community. Naturally, we did not omit giving a precise definition of what we understand under “gender-balance”!

Dates of other Tour visits

The dates of the other tour visits can be found in EWM-NL’s calendar, or in our Upcoming Events.