Workshop Persuasion and Influencing

Persuasion and influencing


Have you ever been frustrated because your sound ideas were ignored during a meeting or by your collaborators? Did you ever wish that you had the tools to convince others of your position? We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a workshop on “Persuasion and influencing” at the CWI on Thursday May 9th.

In this workshop you will learn other (sometimes more effective) influencing and persuasion strategies, that might just make your life easier. We will spend time practicing interactively to shape non-argumental arguments and learn in which situation, which strategy works best. The workshop will be given by Gilbert Bookelman, trainer at Centalis. 

Whether it is about getting funding for that extra conference, teaching a different course next semester, or getting a better coffee machine for the department, this workshop can help you get your way.

Practical Info

What: workshop persuasion and influencing.
When: Thursday May 9th, 12:30-17:30.
Where: CWI, room L016
Who: women mathematicians

You are welcome from 12:30 for registration, coffee and tea. The workshop will last from 13:00 until 17:00. You are also invited to join for drinks afterwards (17:30-18:30).

Register is required. Please send an email to: