Media training workshop

Media training for researchers

In December 2021, two media trainings were given by trainer Michel van Baal to female mathematicians, sponsored by EWM-NL. The participants were thrown in at the deep end, as they were asked to be interviewed on camera straight away. The trainer then gave an introduction and background information about journalists and interviews, what to expect and how to prepare. After this, the interview videos were analysed together, and tips and tops pointed out. The training continued with more hands-on exercises to teach the participants how to tackle off-topic questions and lead the conversation back to their research. The training was concluded by an interview in which all of the participants were more able to take control over the interview process, leading to clear and concise interviews in which their research played the main role. The participants of the workshops were very enthusiastic about the learning curve of the course and reported to be more confident about appearing in the media and accepting interview requests. They all stated they would certainly recommend the training to other scientists, as the training gave them valuable experience.

First announcement

Would you like to do interviews on the radio, for newspaper articles or tv and want to make the most of your broadcast time? Have you said ‘no’ to interview requests from journalists, because you were afraid of them asking difficult questions?

EWM-NL would like to encourage researchers in any stage of their career to present themselves and their work to the outside world. Giving interviews to the media is an important part of creating publicity for your work. Outreach and publicity are growing more and more important in the academic world. We would like to increase the visibility of female mathematicians in the media.

Therefore, EWM-NL would like to organise a media training for female mathematicians. The media training will take half a day and will consist of a presentation and hands-on one-to-one practice interviews.

This training will only take place if there is enough interest, so please pre-register is you are interested!

Practical information

Dates: Wednesday 1 and 8 December 13.30-17.30 (two separate trainings; subject to number of participants)

Place: CWI, Science Park 123, Amsterdam

Participation fee: free of charge (sponsored by EWM-NL)

Application deadline for pre-registration: register before 16th of November 2021


Please use the following link for pre-registration: