PhD Event

A PhD, is that for me?

Are you thinking about your future? Do you want to apply your mathematical knowledge in a company, or continue your education first by pursuing a PhD degree? 
We plan to organise a one day event for bachelor and master students to showcase the benefits of doing a PhD in mathematics. Especially women students are encouraged to join.  
The event would comprise talks by women, either those who obtained the PhD degree already or are current PhD students. They will showcase different possibilities after obtaining a PhD degree in Mathematics: either to work in a company or to pursue an academic career. 
In addition to the talks, we will also organise several workshops.

If you are interested in this event, then please inform us by subscribing to the newsletter for updates about the event. 
We kindly ask to subscribe this month (April) if you are interested so that we get an estimate on the number of participants. Note that a subscription is only a show of interest, not an obligation to attend.

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