Lunch lecture ‘Communicating science in the age of populism’

Lunch lecture ‘Communicating science in the age of populism’

March 9 2022, 12.45h

The lecture will be given by trainer Michel van Baal, who has experience with giving over 500 media and interview trainings to scientists. A rocket scientist by training, he continued as press officer and head of internal and external communication at TU Delft and is head of Communication and Public Affairs at the federation of doctors KNMG. In December he gave two media trainings to EWM-NL members. The participants were very enthusiastic about the training, so we are happy to announce that Michel van Baal will be giving an online lunch lecture open to all!

Please register here to receive the Zoom link: https://forms.gle/KSDoKwH3APSnBuoy5

Abstract: With populism rising, communicating science is increasingly becoming difficult. And sometimes unsafe. What should be a discussion on arguments tends to become a question of integrity, and also scientist, judges and journalists are increasingly under fire. In his lunch lecture Michel van Baal will explain the populistic communications mechanism at work and which dirty tricks are sometimes used. As he says: “I don’t know the ultimate answer to this problem, but I might help you to recognize and understand it better”.