NMC meetings

National Mathematical Congress

EWM –The Netherlands organises a session at the Dutch Mathematical Congress. The congress is held right after the Easter break and is formed by the participation of all four mathematics clusters and two NWO Gravitation programmes, in addition to sessions by 4TU.AMI, PWN, KWG, the Teachers meeting and Prizes ceremony, and of course the EWM-NL session.

Part of the goals of EWM-NL is to establish a framework of activities to support women in research in the Netherlands, and particularly early career researchers, to enter and establish careers in mathematics. With the NMC sessions we organise, we wish to give the opportunity to early career mathematicians to have a more in depth and relaxed conversation with invited speakers.

In connection to this session, we also publish a short interview of the speakers we invite. Links to interviews of past speakers can be found on our webpage.

NMC 2024 session

The EWM-NL session during NMC hosts this year three prominent women scientists: Prof. Dr. Annoesjka Cabo (TU Delft), Dr. Serte Donderwinkel (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) and Prof. Dr. Leslie Ann Goldberg (University of Oxford). Follow the links to read online interviews of some of them:

Past events: