27 October 2017 @ 12:30 – 13:30
TU Delft

The association of professional female mathematicians in the Netherlands is going to visit TU Delft on the 27th of October. Join for free lunch and an interesting discussion!

EWM-NL is the Dutch branch of EWM (European Women in Mathematics). We would like to meet you and get feedback on what issues you find important and how EWM-NL could help with that.

This is a chance to learn about EWM-NL, discover its goals and activities, and join the open discussion on gender-balance in mathematics.

Who: All mathematicians! (students, staff, male, female, … )
What: Discussion on gender balance in mathematics
When: 27th of October, 12:45-13:30
Where: EWI lecture hall D@ta
Includes: Free lunch, introduction by EWM-NL, discussion session with
audience and open question/suggestion round

12:30-12:45    Walk-in with lunch
12:45-12:50    Introduction EWM-NL: our mission, organization and activities
12:50-13:15    Interactive discussion session on gender balance
13:15-13:25    Open question/suggestion round: what would you like to see changed?
13:25-13:30    Wrap up
13:30-14:00    Informal continuation of the discussion

Please register for free lunch via