Individual grants

The board of EWM The Netherlands awards grants of up to €500 to support the early career development of women mathematicians. The applications are considered on a continuous basis upon the order received and are subject to the availability of funds. The purpose of the grants is to facilitate the participation of grantees to events significant to their career by covering expenses not otherwise covered by existing means. Examples of potential events can be training courses, conference attendance, collaboration visits or membership. Examples of costs that can be covered by the grants are expenses for accompanying children at events such as transportation or extra accommodation costs, expenses for additional care for children remaining behind, training fees, membership registrations, conference registrations etc.

  • Members at any stage of their career may apply. The judging criteria are relevant to the applicant’s career.
  • It is required that the applicant justifies why no other funds could be found for the proposed expense. The motivation letter should mention why other resources could not be secured for this expense.
  • Expenses must be documented by receipts. If awarded, the awarded grant will be transferred to the grantee after the receipts are received and after the event for which the grant has been awarded has taken place. The amount of the grant cannot exceed the documented expenses.
  • Applicants are required to write a short paragraph after the event explaining the impact of the proposed event to their career development. This may be used for as testimonial of past grantees on the EWM-NL website and for other publicity purposes.

Please email your applications to EWM The Netherlands at grants@ewmnetherlands.nl at least one month prior to the event for which you require funding, but preferably earlier.

The following documents must be attached:

  1. Motivation letter (max. 1 page). Explain for which expense you are requiring assistance, how this will affect your career and why no other funding could be found for the proposed expense.
  2. CV. Give a short overview of your education and career, including your current position and affiliation.
  3. Budget. Give a short overview of the expected costs. Provide us with full information on the event you want to attend, for example include links to conferences or masterclasses.

You will be notified by email that the application has arrived in good order and when it will be discussed by the board.

After funding
  • Please make sure to save all relevant receipts and submit them together after the event has taken place.
  • We require a short paragraph on the impact of the event for which you received the grant on your career, which may be used for publicity purposes.
  • We appreciate if you provide a picture of yourself or an image relevant to the event, which is free of rights, that we may put on the website along with the paragraph.
Previous grantees
  • Isabelle Scott, University of Melbourne (2023)
  • Fulya Kula, Lecturer at University of Twente (2023)
  • Francien Bossema, PhD student at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (2021)
  • Clara Stegehuis, Assistant Professor, University of Twente (2020, deferred due to COVID-19)
  • Julia Komjathy, Assistant professor, TU Eindhoven (2019)
  • Francesca Arici, Assistant professor, Leiden University (2019)
  • Sarah Gaaf, Junior assistant professor (Postdoc) at Utrecht University (2018)
  • Marta Maggioni, PhD student at Leiden University (2018)
  • Wioletta Ruszel, Assistant professor, TU Delft (2018)