Annual Meeting 2018

Annual Meeting 2018

EWM The Netherlands Annual Meeting 2018

Summary of the event

The first speaker was Han Entzinger, professor emeritus of migration and integration at EUR. He gave a talk about principles of equality, gave examples to stimulate equality and what are the consequences. According to Entzinger  measures to increase diversity and equality can be quotas, targeted hiring, obligatory reports about the distribution of men and women of employers and policies for a good work-life balance. In his opinion the most effective measure is a quota target. He gave examples were quotas were implemented and yielded an increase of 20% to 40 % of females in leading positions in France.

Professor Peter van den Besselaar of the VU spoke about the vicious circle of gender bias, specifically in ERC grant applications. He observed panel discussions and decisions in ERC and NWO grant applications. For example grant applications of highly qualified women were judged as “not bad” and of the same male counterpart as “very good”. The time pressure of panel members is very high so a bias training is often not realizable hence members decide often according to a gut feeling. What seems to help preventing the bias is a critical mass of female panel members. What was remarkable according to van den Besselaar that too many female panel members had the opposite effect leading to the “queen bee effect”.

First announcement

Thursday 20th of September, Delft

Save the date for the 2018 EWM-NL Annual Meeting. This event aims to bring together all members of EWM-NL and of the general mathematics community in the country. This year, the focus on the event is on “Positive Discrimination: advantages and drawbacks”. The main speakers, Prof. Han Entzinger and Prof. Peter van den Besselaar, are distinguished researchers in the field of inclusion and integration of minority groups. In addition, a panel discussion will focus on the practical implementation of gender balancing strategies in Dutch academia.

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12:30-13:00 Registration and coffee

13:00-13:15 Welcome
13:15-14:00 Talk by Han Entzinger
14:00-14:15 Discussion with the audience
14:15-15:00 Talk by Peter van den Besselaar
15:00-15:15 Discussion with the audience

Coffee and tea break

15:45-17:00 Panel discussion on practical implementation in management and policy.

Drinks (until 18:00)

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