Mentor Network

EWM-NL has a mentor network that is aimed at all female scientists who need advice on things related to their mathematical career, such as balancing family and a career in science, networking with other scientists, getting further in your career.

We would like to stress that this mentor network is open to all mathematicians, women AND men, senior and junior scientists at all levels!

Mentees can sign up via this form.

Mentors can volunteer via this form.


Idea behind the mentor network:

Originally, the network was meant to encourage and support young women in mathematics by coupling them with a more senior female mathematician. When considering a future career in mathematics, it can be useful to have some sort of role model. Since there are not many women at the top in mathematics, there might not be someone in your immediate environment/network that can fulfill this role. So, to get a female perspective about what it is like to work in mathematics and being a scientist, through our network young women can be coupled to a more senior woman to have one-on-one conversations about their career and ask advice on all sorts of things.

However, since there are not as much senior women as junior women, we very much encourage male mathematicians to be a mentor as well. Their perspective on what it is like to be a scientist and how to further your career in mathematics is probably no different from a women’s perspective, so their help can be very useful for a young female mathematician as well.

We also encourage participation in the mentor network on all levels, so any combination is possible for instance PhD student with a professor, assistant professor, or post doc; or a master student with any of the above.

Whatever you want or need!

This mentor network is loosely based on that of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM).


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